Testimonial Quotes
"....We have been very satisfied with their service and their overall cooperation..."

"...the interpreters are well trained and supported and provide excellent services to the patients/clients as well as to the staff..."

"......International Medical Interpreters of the North Shore INC. has provided us with comprehensive set of medical interpretations and translations service for several years..."

"...Customer service is exemplary..."

"...Delighted and impressed with the caliber of interpreters who have worked with our patients and families..."

"....You were always courteous and prompt with turn around request times.  You were always able to accommodate our needs even if it was a last minute request.  I truly appreciate and applaud your service.  It's nice to find a company that cares about the service they offer.  

you are to be commended for your fine work ethic.

It has been a pleasure working with International Medical Interpreters of the North Shore Inc. and I would recommend you to anyone needing such a service..."